Progressing informatisation in nearly every field of life has become a fact. Its particular influence on economy makes it essential to start a discussion on the electronisation of public administration services in Poland. It is necessary to get to know the expectations of business and for administration to draw up new and effective solutions that will direct the development of modern e-administration. The “e-Administration for Business” conference wants to make it possible.

The conference will answer questions such as:

• What does business expect from administration?
• In what direction should e-administration develop?
• How will the quality of public administration services in Poland change?

A significant element of the conference will be the presentation of best practices, solutions and implementations from domestic and foreign market, and a common debate. Cooperation between administration and business, allowing the provision of services that meet entrepreneurs’ needs, should be the key to further development of public e-services. The 2015 “e-Administration for Business" is therefore addressed particularly to employees of government and self-government administration involved in the informatisation of the country, entrepreneurs, business representatives and institutions surrounding business. Our guests will also include representatives of justice and legal circles.

The programme includes:
• experts’ speeches, discussion panels
• presentations of domestic and foreign best practices
• exhibition and e-service information points
• networking, cocktail

We would like to invite:
• representatives of government and self-government administration
• entrepreneurs and managers,
business-surrounding institutions
• representatives of justice and legal circles